Static & Mobile Guards

Whether your need is for high visibility uniformed guarding on gate house duties , site patrols or a more subtle approach in an office reception area or covert operation Kybosh Securities can offer the solution. We will listen to your needs; give appropriate advice where required and act as ongoing partners with you to protect people, property and assets in order to enable you to increase performance and profitability. When change is needed we will always respond positively and in true partnership.

Protection & Transportation

Knowing that your premises can be accessed quickly in the event of an alarm or emergency helps protect valuable assets and reduces the potential of loss. Loss prevention and protection is our primary goal however caused. Provision of escort services to lone or vulnerable workers. With health and safety concerns being very much at the forefront and the onus of ‘duty of care’ becoming more evident this is a valuable service to all employers and VIP personnels.

Security Technology

Advances in security technology are moving at a breathtaking pace. CCTV, Access Control and Intrusion Detection can no longer be seen just as separate systems forming a last line of defense or providing a forensic look back on what’s already happened. Rather, they must be part of an intelligent and well integrated Physical Protection Systems (PPS) acting as an integrated force multiplier.

Fair In Comparison

This is why we are unique.


Each Kybosh guard, regardless of ultimate assignment receives the same basic training designed to build upon their personal development and required certification training.

Professional Service

Selection of security officers for your interest is a very important decision, it is imperative that the service provider you chose engages only reliable, professional, trustworthy, fully screened and vetted security personnel..


Our core values are to listen to our customers and employees, to seek and be positive to feedback, to meet needs in a timely and professional manner and to deliver service as predicted.

Technical Skills

We will explore the most current best practices used in the security field and develop a comprehensive security blueprint.

Highly Recomended

As a result of our operational background, we enjoy a close working relationship with a distinguished cadre of security professionals and law enforcement agencies.


We will be responsive to change and recognise the importance of working in true partnership to maximise performance and added value for our customers and the Company.